Wednesday, 27 December 2006

Our Christmas

My weeks just went by in a blur. Christmas came and went and I still feel like I’m just gearing up for the holidays. A lot of things happened; most of them milestones – all witnessed by K and me.

Zak has started his own photography hobby. As he is only 4 years old, we just let him use an old Olympus C-160. His godmother Angie gave him a reusable film camera for Christmas and he couldn’t wait to go out for a walk to take photos. His photos have stories to tell like this and this, and of course, he likes to take self-portraits like this.

Lewis is almost 10 months old and has 6 teeth. He’s been cruising for a couple of weeks now and lately, he has started to hold himself up for a few seconds without holding on to something. He crawls like lightning and his ability to pick little things to yank in his mouth is beyond measure. His love of food, even Brussels sprouts, is so beyond me. He has several favourite games and his boundless energy makes me feel like I couldn’t last another day.

Our Christmas dinner was fabulous. K prepared and cooked everything except the dessert, which were his mother’s domain. As usual, we spent the whole Christmas day with K’s parents. Gift giving was a bit low-key among us adults but it was a blast for the boys. Lewis was a bit overwhelmed with all the presents thrown his way but he soon recovered and enjoyed all his chewable toys.

Zak had a word with Santa about his present. His rocking horse, handmade lovingly for 3 years, finally made its way into the chimney. It was obviously welcomed graciously but Santa had to know that there’s already a little horse residing in the toybox so there's going to be a bit of a competition during play time.

The whole family felt it was a satisfying christmas celebration, except that we forgot to take our annual family portrait. Instead, we went out for a brisk walk around the block to prepare our bellies for the last course of the meal.

So cheers everyone! And thanks for all the wishes emailed and left in my comments box.

Friday, 8 December 2006

Winter update

This is just to say I'm still here lurking around.

The family has been poorly: one is still coughing; the other is still coughing and sneezing; the little one had ear infection, is teething and sneezing and moi is still suffering from sleepless nights.

I'll be back!

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