Friday, 29 April 2005


Political parties in the UK are now cashing up on people's prejudices in the run-up to the May elections. One hot issue is immigration. I am an immigrant myself and there are moments when my ears just prick a bit especially when this issue is being hotly debated by my work colleagues. Let us consider the Conservative's stand on this: control. Of course it is imperative to have border controls. Don't they do it? Yes, they do. They have quota! But when we talk about Asylum seekers, it's a very sensitive and difficult case.

Unfortunately, for people whose bible is the Daily Mail, Immigration is synonymous to Asylum seeking.

I want to picture these:

1. If foreign health and skilled workers won't be allowed to come to work, and those who are already here would be sent home, what will happen to the NHS? All non-british citizens working as doctors, engineers, scientists, etc should be sent home. Let the British system be run by British citizens. Let's see how many british nurses and teachers we have at the moment. Hmm, yes, i know some...

2. Then British citizens won't be allowed to abuse places in the sun. No, they won't be allowed to buy properties in Costa del Sol--not even to have holiday! My parents-in-law won't be allowed to travel to Slovenia. No, they'll have to have holiday in Bournemouth instead.

Grrrr. I know it's extreme. But it's nice to think about this sometimes...

Reading the Da Vinci Code

There has been too much hype about this book that I decided to buy one to read. Fortunately, even if I could easily borrow one from work, there was a 50% offer by a book company for a collector's illustrated edition. So I got one.

I didn't bother to read the reviews because i didn't want to be influenced by other people's judgments on its merits. I watched a programme on tv about the factual basis of its story, and some news clips and the only thing i can remember is that apparently, there was a cardinal or a bishop who said that no catholic should ever possess or read that book.

I am a Catholic but I read it anyway.

And it was brilliant. It was well-researched although somewhere towards the end of the story, what a reader might think as an all-out attack against the infallibility of the papacy was toned down a bit.

I studied in a Catholic university and have been bombarded with so many religion studies subjects that I thought it was better for me to enter the convent because it seemed like I spent more time learning about church rituals and reading about the lives of the saints than working on my philippine literature assignments. Anyway, the more I practised my catholic faith, the more I questions I have.

I wonder what the movie version of this book would be like and how the vatican and the die-hard catholics would react.

I don't really disagree with the theories of Jesus' apparent marriage with Mary Magdalene. And I won't mind at all if ever Jesus and Magdalene really had children. I would still be a Catholic.

I just wonder how those seminarians who are studying to be priests think about the church after reading the doctrines and the history of this religion outside the realm of the bible. Do they ever study books without imprimatur?

Hmm, I hope it's not a code to crack. I think I better call the Philippines.

Sunday, 17 April 2005

What's that again?

When Zak has a tantrum, my father-in-law would exclaim, 'What's all that about? My word!'

And words they are indeed. American/pinoy english to the left, British english to the right.

1. dungarees = jumper (I couldn't even pronounce it!)
2. chips = french fries (can't imagine what microchips are)
3. circle = roundabout (Osmeña Circle; Osmeña Roundabout. sounds better i think, the last one)
4. fart = tramp (or is it trump?)
5. urinate = tiddle, wee
6. clinic = surgery (For Zak's immunization, I was at first horrified when we had to make an appointment at the surgery, and not at a pediatrician's clinic. Surely there's no need for a major operation??)
7. renovate = refurbish
8. three-wheeled car = pig (Honestly, I saw a filipino in one of those and she looked so embarassed! This is in contrast to Pinoy's Volks which is called 'pagong' or turtle)

And to make it more complicated:

Lunch = if the meal consists only of sandwiches or salads. anything light.
Dinner = if it includes all the works: baked potato, roast, steamed veges with gravy and when lucky, steamed rice. After which, yogurt or fruits would follow, then some cakes and a cuppatea. Two hours budget for this meal.
Tea = afternoon meal but more than just snacks.
Tea = a drink. Either coffee or real tea. Real tea with milk! and sometimes sugar or better yet, sweetener. Every two hours, starting at 7am.
Supper = meal after Coronation Street. With some Holicks. Correct spelling: Horlicks.

Three hours later...

Nanyt! Beddyby!

Mother's the word

Zak calls me 'Mummy'. Now that's what I can't reconcile with my being a mother to him. When he started calling me 'mummy' instead of 'Nanay' or 'Mama', the image that came to my mind was that Tutankhamen Egyptian. K calls his mother 'Mam'. He can't cope with 'Mommy', and Zak calls his Welsh grandmother 'Nana'. It appeared that the best option is 'mummy' because it goes with 'daddy'. But still, why spell and pronounce this word this way? I don't know how Zak would sound like with 'Mammy'. Is it Irish-y?

Wednesday, 13 April 2005

We're home...for a while

It has been very hectic these past three weeks and even if I have the computer infront of me most of the time, I didn't have the time to indulge in blogging, or reading blogs for that matter. We're back at home now, but only for a few days and then we will be off again.

Anyway, the house smells musty. I left some windows open for some fresh air while zak and me are wrapped up in coats while doing this blog. We're going out in a bit to do some shopping so there's no point turning the heating on.


I know it's nonsense. .grrrrrrr! What can i say? I'm cold, exhausted in this ferrying around lifestyle (well, at least until next week only) and K is working too hard he needs a long holiday. No, not in the Philippines....

To AnP, I'm surprised you read this crap. I read your blog andohmygoditsexcellent. It should be read by pinoys and non-pinoys who know nothing but stereotypes: is he your husband? was he a penpal?

To Cat, I come from Surigao City.

I need to do my shopping now. Will visit your blogs soon.

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