Sunday, 17 April 2005

What's that again?

When Zak has a tantrum, my father-in-law would exclaim, 'What's all that about? My word!'

And words they are indeed. American/pinoy english to the left, British english to the right.

1. dungarees = jumper (I couldn't even pronounce it!)
2. chips = french fries (can't imagine what microchips are)
3. circle = roundabout (Osmeña Circle; Osmeña Roundabout. sounds better i think, the last one)
4. fart = tramp (or is it trump?)
5. urinate = tiddle, wee
6. clinic = surgery (For Zak's immunization, I was at first horrified when we had to make an appointment at the surgery, and not at a pediatrician's clinic. Surely there's no need for a major operation??)
7. renovate = refurbish
8. three-wheeled car = pig (Honestly, I saw a filipino in one of those and she looked so embarassed! This is in contrast to Pinoy's Volks which is called 'pagong' or turtle)

And to make it more complicated:

Lunch = if the meal consists only of sandwiches or salads. anything light.
Dinner = if it includes all the works: baked potato, roast, steamed veges with gravy and when lucky, steamed rice. After which, yogurt or fruits would follow, then some cakes and a cuppatea. Two hours budget for this meal.
Tea = afternoon meal but more than just snacks.
Tea = a drink. Either coffee or real tea. Real tea with milk! and sometimes sugar or better yet, sweetener. Every two hours, starting at 7am.
Supper = meal after Coronation Street. With some Holicks. Correct spelling: Horlicks.

Three hours later...

Nanyt! Beddyby!


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