Sunday, 20 January 2008

work lunch

work lunch, originally uploaded by Soyy.

When I'm at work the whole day, I usually bring my own lunch. Rice is painstaking, when I only have one hour to prepare in the morning. It should be a treat but the only other kind of food I can think of to go with it (one that doesn't need 15 minutes to prepare) is tuna with pureed tomato and loads of black pepper.

If only I could make paksiw the Surigaonon way...
If only I could make paksiw the Surigaonon way that doesn't whiff off vinegar and garlic...
If only I could just...

But I don't have a choice, unless I go back to my mother-in-law's house to feast on her baked tuna and cheese and some other sorts with only 5 minutes to spare before going back to work again.

So I make do with this concoction of raw vegetables. (Cheese was added after I took this photo.)

And my stomach started to rumble soon afterwards.

And I still have 3 hours to go before home time!

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