Sunday, 20 January 2008

work lunch

work lunch, originally uploaded by Soyy.

When I'm at work the whole day, I usually bring my own lunch. Rice is painstaking, when I only have one hour to prepare in the morning. It should be a treat but the only other kind of food I can think of to go with it (one that doesn't need 15 minutes to prepare) is tuna with pureed tomato and loads of black pepper.

If only I could make paksiw the Surigaonon way...
If only I could make paksiw the Surigaonon way that doesn't whiff off vinegar and garlic...
If only I could just...

But I don't have a choice, unless I go back to my mother-in-law's house to feast on her baked tuna and cheese and some other sorts with only 5 minutes to spare before going back to work again.

So I make do with this concoction of raw vegetables. (Cheese was added after I took this photo.)

And my stomach started to rumble soon afterwards.

And I still have 3 hours to go before home time!


Joy said...

How about making lunch the night before? Something you can re-heat in the microwave or a cold sandwich? :D

A Pinay In England

soy said...

I usually do cold sandwiches but you can only eat so much in a week. We Pinoys like variety and it's a headache for someone like me whose cooking skills is not up to scratch! :)

Thanks for dropping by, Joy.

Joy said...

Well, if you have a microwave at work, you could take in soup? I either buy Heinz or a fresh tub of soup, get some rolls (or make our own bread using the machine), a bit of fruit and voila! A fantastic lunch!

A Pinay In England
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denden said...

hiya soy!
ay nako. ako den, i bring food with me but it's hard sometimes kasi i run out of ideas. usually sandwich, soup or salad. i stopped taking rice to work, wala kasi kaming proper kitchen so i have to eat in my desk...i don't want to stink the whole office. hehehe

Soy said...

Joy, I haven't really tried soup at work. That's another idea. :) Thanks!

Denden, that's the thing, isn't it? stinky food. what would the Brits think of us?! hehe

Joy said...

What do the Brits know about food? So what if you bring adobong pusit or dried pusit, red eggs with green mangoes and bagoong? Just enjoy food. :D

I am pescotarian, so most of the things I bring to work (when I do bring home cooked meals) don't really smell of anything.

A Pinay In England
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Francesca said...

i brought lunch at work too, kasi no time , no breaktime ang lola francesca. So hataw subo dito at don, while working.

What I bring always, sandwich. Basta me yogurt after, kasi yung sandwich ko, slimey na sa palaman.

If wala mahanap na i sandwhich, old rice from last night.Bahaw ba?
Then grab a can of tuna in stock.Grab a yogurt too, and ciao, basta,oks na yun!
Daanin na lang sa bilis lunok with mineral water, lol
walang hihingi!!

Soy said...

Grabe ka talaga, Lola. Oo, tuna din yong madali kong maisip :)

The Islander said...

based on the photo, i think our bread here in Home Baker tastes better than that.

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