Wednesday, 28 September 2005

I just bought a red Citroen C4.

Erm, it's innocents' day today in the Philippines and people in Surigao interpret it this way.

K remembered that he forgot to attend his college's meeting. I almost forgot that I had work the following day. So I went on about sorting our schedules while walking back and forth the hallway tidying Zak's and K's mess. Zak was in the bedroom listening to me ranting about why we have 13 calendars and diaries between us, not to mention 3 jotters in each of our 2 phones in the house, no wonder why we can't keep up with our 3 appointments a week.
Zak: "What's a schedule mum?"

So I said it's a list or something of things you have or want to do in the next few days so you don't forget them.

Zak: "Oh, Soy!"

I know I didn't explain that well...or did he say that because we forget our schedules anyway?

Family thing

K was in the bath while reading Alistair Cook while I had a sh*t while reading my journal of two years ago while Zak was drawing his sh*t inside his hippo potty.

Yes, we always do things as a family.

Wednesday, 14 September 2005

Great day

Yes, it is.

K's birthday party was fab. We enjoyed it so much.

And then the conversation drifted to names. Names for my yet to be born baby.

Carlton? No. Filipinos will pronounce it 'karton'.
Rebekah? Hmm. Sounds biblical to me.
Jak Ugene? The abbreviation of the complete name would be JUG!

Ok. So do you know what it is?
The baby.
Oh. It's a human being, I guess.
I mean, is it a boy or a girl?

Tuesday, 13 September 2005

K Perry

No cards in all the shops
in the world
can express why this
day is especial

No literary man
nor form of rhyme
can best describe
this lucky day

No present, however
costly can pay for
the joy we have for you--

because you are, in this world
and beyond, the only


forever the person
who means the world to us

and nothing,
can equal what
you are

Happy Birthday!

All our love,

Soy & Ue

I was very frustrated.

But I felt bad after a while for being frustrated.

Potty training is an ongoing business, with ups and downs, but I'm just too impatient to accept and understand setbacks because I have always believed that Zak is too clever to understand simple instructions as he always does among other things. And now this.

But it's me who is stupid to behave like this. I observed Zak and saw him feel that I was upset towards him and he reacted meekly, like the way his daddy is when I am in a very bad mood.

It just makes me feel so so bad.

But I deserve it.


England regained the Ashes but in my opinion in a not so dramatic way. Perhaps if time for the Aussies wasn't the issue, the story could have been different.

So what are they gonna do with the Ashes? I thought they could just sprinkle it over River Thames, but no. Apparently, they get a replica because the real one is too precious to hand out.
What a victory.

Thursday, 8 September 2005

Look who's shouting

The couple next door but one are in a bad patch at the moment. K keeps on complaining about them screaming and shouting at each other these past few nights. I wouldn't really care but since they do it in their garden, where their voices echo in the neighbourhood, it could be damn irritating. Our computer room faces the garden and whatever activity that transpires in our next door neighbour's garden could be easily heard especially if it's a shouting match.

I understand that marriages and partnerships have ups and downs but I think discretion is very important. Nobody would care to know how much your ex-husband does or doesn't give to your child, or why he lost his job, or why he's a loser in the first place. It just provides a stiff competition for Coronation Street.

I'm not insinuating that I don't have a shouting match with my husband, or to put it exactly, a shouting attack at my husband, but we do it in our bedroom or kitchen, where nobody could hear us.
And when it's too much to shout, I keep my mouth shut and ignore my husband for hours on end until it's sorted in one last shouting and crying episode. Then when the mood is right, we make love.

I'm not insinuating either that this pregnancy is because of a shouting match. No.

Friday, 2 September 2005


I feel for those victims of Katrina. I just wondered why despite the mandatory evacuation, a lot of people still remained in their homes. Surely, for those who didn't have transport, government buses were available for them? Or was it the 'hurricane syndrome' they called that everytime they were warned, nothing would happen, and so they didn't care to evacuate anymore?
Maybe it's time that Bush would think about the Kyoto Agreement he didn't sign, the global warming issue he evaded at the G8 summit, and the Iraq invasion?

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