Wednesday, 28 September 2005

K remembered that he forgot to attend his college's meeting. I almost forgot that I had work the following day. So I went on about sorting our schedules while walking back and forth the hallway tidying Zak's and K's mess. Zak was in the bedroom listening to me ranting about why we have 13 calendars and diaries between us, not to mention 3 jotters in each of our 2 phones in the house, no wonder why we can't keep up with our 3 appointments a week.
Zak: "What's a schedule mum?"

So I said it's a list or something of things you have or want to do in the next few days so you don't forget them.

Zak: "Oh, Soy!"

I know I didn't explain that well...or did he say that because we forget our schedules anyway?


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