Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Foggy Today

8 am

10 am

12 noon

1.30 pm

2.40 pm

And who said England is gloomy? It brightens sometimes, y'know! ;)

Friday, 15 February 2008

Today with Carphone Warehouse

I ordered online a dongle (for mobile internet) from the Carphone Warehouse. Instead of just one, I ordered 2 instead. So I called the company.
The Customer Advisor rattled off his lines and I kept on saying 'pardon?' and 'sorry?' because he had cockney accent. For someone like me whose ears are used to thick northern accent, it was certainly a difficult deciphering job. Anyway.
He then asked me if I was from the Philippines. (Does this detail appear in bank accounts? :) ) So I said, yes!
It turned out that he's Filipino as well but can only speak a little bit of Tagalog. For him, 'marunong akong mag Tagalog' means I cannot speak Tagalog. I was tempted to say that he was correct in that translation.
So my transaction with Carphone Warehouse turned out to be more interesting and a little bit longer than it should have been.
And if you ever encounter a problem with Talktalk, AOL, or TMobile, call Carphone Warehouse and speak to LEO! (Lee-yow or as his mother pronounces it, Ley-yow).

Sunday, 10 February 2008


Thanks to Joy, I was able to see my men on the cover of National Geographic. Unfortunately, I haven't received yet my own subscription copy!

When you are told to study and you go off gallivanting

Today, I have a rare chance to go online while my boys are being entertained by their auntie, uncle and grandparents.

K gave me this chance because I've been moaning all the time that I need to rewrite my course essay and submit it before deadline.

So my mother-in-law cooked Sunday lunch for everybody.

And they don't have a faintest idea that I'm just bloghopping.

I can't study while I'm online, y'know!

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Myra Cabrera

I was disturbed last night when I saw the news about the death of Myra Cabrera, a Filipino nurse in Swindon.

She was a victim of gross negligence from a hospital and staff who were supposed to provide excellent care.

Although this happened in 2004, an inquest's ruling on her death just came out which highlighted some safety policies that have been ignored by hospitals in the UK.

More of Myra Cabrera here.

Saturday, 2 February 2008

To my Husband

Happy Anniversary!, originally uploaded by Soyy.

We had lunch outside today. Had to be lunchtime. We don't like to leave our boys in the night, do we?

While eating, we looked at each other and wondered how time flies! We decided not to have dessert and went to the supermarket instead to buy cake so we could share it with the rest of the family.

We went for a walk in the snowy hills of the Peak District. It was lovely. I scrutinised my boot prints on the snow and noticed how tiny they were compared to other boot prints of other walkers.

We recalled our favourite moments during our wedding. We received messages from my family back home in the Philippines.

You made me feel special today.
Thanks for the happy years together.

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