Thursday, 11 June 2009

Tooth fairy is coming tonight

Zak's lower front tooth (central incisor) fell off today. Oh, how he screamed like a girl. I didn't expect that there would be blood coming out. It was a long time ago since my baby teeth fell off so I was a bit caught off-guard. I thought I was prepared. I thought I knew what to do at the very instant it happened.

Karl didn't know what to do either. So I cupped Zak's chin while the tooth hang precariously in his extended lower lip, with all the blood and saliva. I dragged him to the kitchen while Karl followed, albeit unhelpfully. 'What are you doing?' he asked. I started laughing, excited that the wobbly tooth has finally fallen off. Zak was looking at me like I was mad. How could his mother laugh when there was blood in his mouth? Anyway, instinct instantly kicked in. I remember how my grans managed my bleeding gum when I was little. So I let Zak rinse his mouth with a cup of vinegar and a bit of salt mixed in. Karl asked again, 'Why vinegar?' Well, soy sauce won't be much help, would it?

I felt helpless so I started shouting, where's the camera? where's the camera? Zak got the phone. Karl picked up a plastic bag. I picked up a cotton ball. Ok, let's check the tooth. Is it complete? Is it whole? Karl said, 'there's still a bit of tooth left in his gum'. I checked. No, it's fine. That's how the tooth looks like.

I finally got hold of the camera. OK, Zak, look at me. Smile!

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Election Day and the Mayor of London

I went to the polling station today to vote. There were only 2 people in there: the poll clerks. No observers, soldiers, police, politicians, nor voters waiting for vote-buyers. What a refreshing change from elections in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, fell into the river while removing litter and plants. When asked afterwards what the water was like, I half-expected him to say, 'cold!' or 'bleeding cold' or something to that effect. But being Boris Johnson, he said, 'The water was very refreshing and I thoroughly recommend it!'

I love British politicians! ;)

Watch it here.

Monday, 1 June 2009

What the Spaniards did to the FILIPINOS...

... made them into biscuits!

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