Saturday, 20 February 2010


Agh, disgusting!
[Grimace, eyes half-closed]
Ugh, horrible!

This was how my 7-year-old boy washed dishes, after we finished off two slices of banana cake.

Two hours earlier, he was happily splashing in the mud and puddles in the park.

Boys, eh?

Thursday, 11 February 2010


Facebook = deactivated (temporarily, I guess. It's so time consuming, don't you think?)

Friendster = account deleted. So childish and rubbishy. Mainly for showing off photos; not much interaction.

Yahoo Messenger = apps deleted. I hate the emoticons and the buzzes.

Twitter = maintained for now. So far, it's nice to write a line or two without thinking of an audience.

Flickr = maintained. The annual subscription is worth it.

Blog = kept but largely ignored. I can't write anymore, whatever that means. But I still continue to read other blogs. I don't write comments but I am there.

Holy ho, what baggage do we have! Time wasters, etc. It's time to continue to de-clutter and enjoy the outdoors!

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