Sunday, 10 February 2008

When you are told to study and you go off gallivanting

Today, I have a rare chance to go online while my boys are being entertained by their auntie, uncle and grandparents.

K gave me this chance because I've been moaning all the time that I need to rewrite my course essay and submit it before deadline.

So my mother-in-law cooked Sunday lunch for everybody.

And they don't have a faintest idea that I'm just bloghopping.

I can't study while I'm online, y'know!


Joy said...

Hahaha! Bloghopping is fun, when you're not pressed for time. It's very relaxing.

So what course are you on?

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denden said...

Hi soy!

I must admit that the internet was a constant distraction to me while I was at uni.  so like joy, I wanted to ask what course you’re doing?

Soy said...

Hi Joy and Denden, I don't like to say what my course is. It's an OpenU degree which would take me 4 years to finish. Suffice it to say that I'm studying for a career in professional lying. :)

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