Friday, 15 February 2008

Today with Carphone Warehouse

I ordered online a dongle (for mobile internet) from the Carphone Warehouse. Instead of just one, I ordered 2 instead. So I called the company.
The Customer Advisor rattled off his lines and I kept on saying 'pardon?' and 'sorry?' because he had cockney accent. For someone like me whose ears are used to thick northern accent, it was certainly a difficult deciphering job. Anyway.
He then asked me if I was from the Philippines. (Does this detail appear in bank accounts? :) ) So I said, yes!
It turned out that he's Filipino as well but can only speak a little bit of Tagalog. For him, 'marunong akong mag Tagalog' means I cannot speak Tagalog. I was tempted to say that he was correct in that translation.
So my transaction with Carphone Warehouse turned out to be more interesting and a little bit longer than it should have been.
And if you ever encounter a problem with Talktalk, AOL, or TMobile, call Carphone Warehouse and speak to LEO! (Lee-yow or as his mother pronounces it, Ley-yow).


joy said...

Soy! Does he have a number I can directly ring? I am so miffed with Carphone Warehouse. I tried getting my phone replaced because it gets so hot after using it for 7 minutes. They are not being helpful. Grrr.

Hey, listen today to Usapang Pinoy, ok?

Speak soon,
A Pinay In England
Your Love Coach
The Goddess In You
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I always get pop up ads when I go to your site. Odd.

Soy said...

Hi Joy, I don't have his direct number but I rang the sales advice number, 0870 087 0870. Perhaps you could ask especially for Leo?

I'm sorry about the pop ads. I always get it and I don't understand why. If Leo was right about sending my ordered dongle next week, then I could spend time on my blog and might be able to do something about it. Sorry!

And sorry that I missed your show today. I was out with my boys enjoying the sunshine :) I'll listen to it tonight.

Anonymous said...
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