Thursday, 8 September 2005

Look who's shouting

The couple next door but one are in a bad patch at the moment. K keeps on complaining about them screaming and shouting at each other these past few nights. I wouldn't really care but since they do it in their garden, where their voices echo in the neighbourhood, it could be damn irritating. Our computer room faces the garden and whatever activity that transpires in our next door neighbour's garden could be easily heard especially if it's a shouting match.

I understand that marriages and partnerships have ups and downs but I think discretion is very important. Nobody would care to know how much your ex-husband does or doesn't give to your child, or why he lost his job, or why he's a loser in the first place. It just provides a stiff competition for Coronation Street.

I'm not insinuating that I don't have a shouting match with my husband, or to put it exactly, a shouting attack at my husband, but we do it in our bedroom or kitchen, where nobody could hear us.
And when it's too much to shout, I keep my mouth shut and ignore my husband for hours on end until it's sorted in one last shouting and crying episode. Then when the mood is right, we make love.

I'm not insinuating either that this pregnancy is because of a shouting match. No.


betut said...

budit lagi kaw soy!

soy said...

ay jamat. tag-uno nim pag kahibayo ini na website?! tag lang-an ba kaw nako adto?

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