Saturday, 15 December 2007


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Morning. School day.

Wake up the children, give them breakfast, bundle them up and deposit them to school or nursery.

Then, parents will go straight to work. Whole day.


Leave work, pick up the children, take children to after-school activities, ie, music lessons, karate, swimming, etc., take children home, give them supper/dinner.

After eating, plonk them in front of the television.

Bath time, then off to bed with a story.

Good night, children!

Morning. School day.

Start again.


Sadly, this is a reality in most families in the west. There might be conversations among the family members but it is mostly about questionning the children what they've been up to the whole day and telling them off. What did you do today? Oh, don't do that! That's not good!

Fortunately, these children don't know what they missed because that's the only lifestyle they know. Physical contact is less because they don't even sleep with their parents.

So what's the point of having children then if they're just dragged around to fit the work and lifestyle of the parents?

Unfortunately, most parents don't have a choice. Either they work or not survive at all in this ever-materialistic world.

What a pity!


me said...

your life sounds so much like mine.

Joy said...

This is why my husband and I intend to raise our children (when/if we have them) in the Philippines. It's so much better out there. Of course that's not to say they won't learn about their British heritage. But I want them to learn about family, friendships, warmth, love, respect for authority, responsibility, and appreciate blessings like a good education, roof over their heads and clothes on their backs.

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