Wednesday, 13 April 2005

We're home...for a while

It has been very hectic these past three weeks and even if I have the computer infront of me most of the time, I didn't have the time to indulge in blogging, or reading blogs for that matter. We're back at home now, but only for a few days and then we will be off again.

Anyway, the house smells musty. I left some windows open for some fresh air while zak and me are wrapped up in coats while doing this blog. We're going out in a bit to do some shopping so there's no point turning the heating on.


I know it's nonsense. .grrrrrrr! What can i say? I'm cold, exhausted in this ferrying around lifestyle (well, at least until next week only) and K is working too hard he needs a long holiday. No, not in the Philippines....

To AnP, I'm surprised you read this crap. I read your blog andohmygoditsexcellent. It should be read by pinoys and non-pinoys who know nothing but stereotypes: is he your husband? was he a penpal?

To Cat, I come from Surigao City.

I need to do my shopping now. Will visit your blogs soon.


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