Saturday, 19 March 2005


I just learned this term and it makes my mother-in-law laugh when I say it, probably when the "r" is emphatically pronounced. But this is the word that best describes how I am at this very minute. I've been working 10 hours a day this week, including today (supposedly), but I had to call my boss because I just can't concentrate anymore. Keeping two part-time jobs at once is too much now and I'm so glad my afternoon job is finishing end of this month. I 've handed my resignation letter but I don't know yet when my exit interview would be.
Next month, I would be concentrating on a job which, interestingly, I found quite enjoyable. I love books, research, and all paperworks that go with it. However, some people assume that we know everything. Somebody popped in at work one day and asked me unceremoniously: When was hippy school founded? Sorry? Hippy school. I typed on the computer, h.i.p.p.y.s.c.h.o.o.l. The screen displayed: 0 search results found.
How do you spell that, sir? H.I.P.P.E.R.
Ahh, Hipper School.
I'm so knackered!


Astrantia said...

Hehe knackered.

Cat said...

hello! taga hain kaw sa surigao?

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