Friday, 29 April 2005


Political parties in the UK are now cashing up on people's prejudices in the run-up to the May elections. One hot issue is immigration. I am an immigrant myself and there are moments when my ears just prick a bit especially when this issue is being hotly debated by my work colleagues. Let us consider the Conservative's stand on this: control. Of course it is imperative to have border controls. Don't they do it? Yes, they do. They have quota! But when we talk about Asylum seekers, it's a very sensitive and difficult case.

Unfortunately, for people whose bible is the Daily Mail, Immigration is synonymous to Asylum seeking.

I want to picture these:

1. If foreign health and skilled workers won't be allowed to come to work, and those who are already here would be sent home, what will happen to the NHS? All non-british citizens working as doctors, engineers, scientists, etc should be sent home. Let the British system be run by British citizens. Let's see how many british nurses and teachers we have at the moment. Hmm, yes, i know some...

2. Then British citizens won't be allowed to abuse places in the sun. No, they won't be allowed to buy properties in Costa del Sol--not even to have holiday! My parents-in-law won't be allowed to travel to Slovenia. No, they'll have to have holiday in Bournemouth instead.

Grrrr. I know it's extreme. But it's nice to think about this sometimes...


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