Wednesday, 4 May 2005

Potty Training in One Week

As today is the third day of Zak's potty training, I thought it is a good idea for me to relax and have a browse. Not that i spent too much time cleaning the floor or reminding him where the potty is. No, it's way too far from that. I spent the whole time worrying and counting the hours when he's going to wee again. And why shouldn't i have a 'me' time? After all, I spent the whole morning with him in the toilet reading a gazillion of stories and playing a gazillion of games while making sure that the potty is within his eye-view. 'Where's zak's potty?' 'There!' 'Clever boy!' 'Don't forget to use the potty when you need to wee-wee! Mummy will give zak a sticker! And mummy will give zak a treat after 3 stickers!' And then...nothing happens.

I'm not fed up but i'm bored. But really i just have to stick to this. One week off work just for potty training--that's what I call obsessive parenting. The Potty Training in One Week: One-stop guide to successful potty training by Gina Ford is giving me a headache now. Last night I even dreamed of its paragraphs of advice running infront of me, mocking me. The worst thing is when I leave zak to K (yes, he's also off work for 4 days!) for a few minutes, everything seems to be easy! I don't hear them arguing or cajoling each other about when to use the potty. Zak just runs straight to it to do a pooh-pooh and wee-wee, and then yey, stickers! Not so much effort for K! Why is it difficult with me?
The banner of the book says Making parenting easier. How i wish.


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