Wednesday, 2 February 2005

Rose Beach


I wonder if people still frequent this nice and clean beach. I wonder if beach huts still accommodate lechon baboy. I wonder if some people still dig in the nearby sand, very close to the nipa hut, to make fire kay mag-sugba nan isda sanan nukos.

I wonder if some Surigaonons still bring their home karaoke/sound system to host beach bayle for free, even if it irks some folks na tag sabaan kinta.

I wonder if kids, like Lian (above) and their figure-conscious mothers still swim fully-clothed, with rubber shoes on, for fear of biting sea-urchins. I know these mothers are figure-conscious, not because they want to remain sexy and anorexic, but because of their embarrassing stretch marks and flabs which they blame on their pregnancies all the while forgetting the fact that they comfortably swallow five helpings of banana que and chicharon a day, not to mention attending all weekly parties ranging from a neighbor's friend's birthday, to a house-blessing of a former student who married a foreigner and eventually built a rather big house, to a distant-relative's wedding anniversary, and to a final novena for a husband's colleague who used to live in the same street as their former housemaid.

Endless parties! No wonder it took me two years to trim down and get into a size 10 jeans (waist 29 for those who buy jeans at Surigao Penshoppe) with a bit of sacrifice: no big meal during the day.

I wonder if i can edit my figure at Photoshoppe instead.

(Please forgive the ramblings of this Surigaonon. She just gets incoherent when she thinks of Kinilaw and Sinugba.)


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