Thursday, 10 February 2005

Way Lingaw

K is very busy downstairs watching football. I heared it's between England and Holland. I've just been from work, tired and in a daze. Although the kitchen is a bit clean, the bedrooms aren't. K asked me instead to check his powerpoint presentation for his lecture tomorrow AND look after zak who is just very hyper after a big dinner, 3 banana and chocolate muffins, and a huge bottle of milk (i'm surprised he's not tired). And so zak did the cleaning himself by

THROWING EVERYTHING-- books, toys, clothes, cds, tapes, DOWN THE STAIRS.

Brilliant. I haven't seen for a long time the carpet in the computer room.

And now zak's in our bedroom. I wonder what the room is going to look like when the bed's gone. I'm sure K would have to sleep downstairs. He wouldn't be able to go through the stairs. The bed would be in the way.


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