Thursday, 2 June 2005


Bagan tag pul-an na ako ini na blog...

Below is K's entry to his journal which I like to add without his permission! Hehe.

plastic pegs are crap. getting the washing in today about three just snapped in pieces in my hand. whats that all about? why are they sold if they are just toss? why is plastic so abundant and moreso why do we all accept plastic as the done thing? plastic nappies, plastic bags, plastic food packaging and plastic toys. let's just say no more of this plastic crap which is crap and not good for our children or their children. why don't we campaign to our councillors to get supermarkets to charge £1 per plastic bag? then we would recycle, wouldn't we?my mum had shopping bags that she used to put all her stuff in; spuds. turnips, you name it, it all went in and those bags were used for years. Why can't our generation reuse bags? is it the look of carrying round a bag not so kitch? well don't be so fucking petty and ignorant. if they did it so can we, and what's more continue getting hundreds of plastic bags every year and your kids will suffer in the long run. if hundreds of us started pestering the supermarkets every day about not giving away free plastic bags and come up with a better solution, then i am sure things would change.
any good ideas?...


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