Sunday, 31 July 2005

Home away from home...

We're going back to the Philippines in 2 days but I don't feel excited. i am anxious, terrified, and stressed.

: Will the trains and tube in London be safe for us family to travel?
: Is the weather ok for the planes to Qatar and Cebu and for the boat to Surigao?
: Will there still be dengue-carrying mosquitoes in the Philippines?
: I will see my big family and loads of friends within 4 days. Will I cope?
: I left the Philippines when my Nanay and Papa were still alive. I'm going back to see their graves. Will I be able to cope?
: We're going there to sort out some problems with the family business. Are we going to be successful?

And most importantly: Would one suitcase of chocolates as pasalubong be enough for everybody?


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