Wednesday, 12 October 2005

Royal names

After watching Elizabeth 1 I decided to read a bit more about the history of the British monarchy to freshen my cobwebbed brain years and years after I studied it at college.

The strange thing is (maybe because of my pregnancy) I only noticed their names. Those Stuarts and Plantagenets and Tudors and even the Windsors, weren't they creative enough to think of names different from William, Henry, Elizabeth, Anne, Edward, George? They use/d the names forever they have to number them so they could keep track of who's who! :-)

James VI of Scotland, the successor of Elizabeth I, decided to be called James I of England. It might not sound confusing now but if you read and analyze what George I, George II, George III, George IV, and George V had done in their reign, you'll start to think that cutting off heads for some reasons is understandable. And how about Queen Mary, Bloody Mary, Mary of Scots...can you identify the difference?


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