Friday, 23 December 2005

What inhibitions?

I've just updated my pregnancy blog with weekly photos that I took of my bump although I must admit it became too much after a bit. This blogging thing seems to invade my small world and I feel like I'm showing myself to the world without inhibitions which sounds scary sometimes. I'm a bit reluctant about this but here I am, trying hard, convincing myself that I'm doing this because when all my journals are all but gone, Zak can still access his mother's thoughts through the internet.

To my family and friends in the Philippines, I'm afraid you can only view my bump. Horrible as it is, if I put my face on the site I'm sure this whole weblog would crash. Let's be honest. It's true. The look of my bump is better than my face.

I wonder how K has coped all these years...

Ah, well, of course the sex has always been good.

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