Tuesday, 17 January 2006

Appointments with the most disliked people in the world

After his 3rd year assessment by the doctor and health visitor, Zak had his MMR vaccine, although it’s over a year late for a first dose. We decided to give it to him after 13 months of mulling over and waiting. We gave it a go when the Health Visitor told us that the vaccine is not mercury-based.

That same day, we went to our dentist for check-up. I had my teeth polished but Zak decided not to show his teeth because, as he keeps on saying, “Mummy, I don’t like it!” We didn’t force him because he was carrying Penguino and Penguino might kick the hell out of the dentist and her assistant and send all their tools a-flying to South Pole. So we left, but not before he told everybody his complete address, just in case they want to see Penguino later in the week.


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