Saturday, 11 February 2006

The most romantic thing he's done

While watching an afternoon talk show over channel 4, I laughed so hard I peed in my pants! (I shouldn't have mentioned this but if you think the following story is not at all funny, then blame the incontinence on the pregnancy.) One of the guests, a comedian (I forgot his name), mentioned that northen men (like K)are not particularly romantic. He went on to tell a story which made me think of my parents-in-law.

Husband: I'm going to the pub. Put your coat on.
Wife: Am I going with you?
Husband: No, I'm turning the heating off!
Talking about (un) romantic men, I thought, What could be the most romantic thing K ever did to me today?
So unforgettable really.
He prepared my tea: Homemade bread. Bacon. Egg. Baked Beans. And milk. Yes, milk!
Typical northerner.


Astrantia said...

It still beats a text message!

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