Wednesday, 31 May 2006


The British government (or at least the council in my town) gives monetary rewards to parents who use washable nappies. Parents can claim back £25 out of £50 or over spent on washables. Considering the state of our planet, it sounds encouraging.

Before I gave birth to Lewis, I bought cloth nappies and wraps. But long before this apparent dislike of anything plastic that my husband has rubbed off on us, and long before the second pregnancy, I potty trained Zak with washable trainer pants (ironically, with a plastic outer-lining on it). My husband’s friend also uses washable nappies for his child and Lewis is the lucky successor of dozens of nappies and other paraphernalia.

And so I started using them and I was ever so proud of my deed that I started to believe that global warming would lessen because I was doing my part in helping mother earth. If ever there was going to be a search for the most environmentally aware mother, I would be discovered and honoured and looked up to by all mothers in the world because I use washable nappies for my kids. And not only that. I also let my baby have the nappy on despite him looking like stuffed chicken. The sheer thickness of the folded cloth swamped his tiny little body and I was worried that he could self-disintegrate and I wouldn’t even know about it. He was born 8.5 pounds and the nappy weighs half of his weight and every time I pick him up to breastfeed half of his body would still be in bed. Two weeks into this, I couldn’t put on him his newborn sleepsuits. His hips seemed to become wider than mine.

And then he started clamouring for nappy change every hour that my eyes started darting from the Huggies voucher to the pile of freshly ironed lampin.

Huggies? Or Washable nappy?


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