Saturday, 15 July 2006

christening 1

Tomorrow, Lewis will be named Catholic, member of the Roman Catholic church, brother of Christ and believer of Mary. Four English godparents (three of whom are not married and not parents) will denounce evil in his behalf and holy water will be poured on his head to erase the trace of original sin. (gem!)
Clothes to wear on the day have been chosen carefully. The garden is tidied, the conservatory is repainted, new curtains, even the back door of the garage is new.
Lewis' baptismal outfit had been fitted twice to make sure he looks perfect on the day. His grandmother, who is hosting the party, has been taking extra pains to make sure her appearance would be 'just right' and until this very moment, less than 16 hours to the time of the christening, she still can't decide which of the 46 dresses she bought in the last 3 days she should wear. She asked for my opinion about the 5 dresses and I said 'I don't like that' to all 5, simply because they were too queen elizabeth for me, and that sets off all stressed bones in motion that she has to take tablets to control them.
Early this morning, I had an 'upset moment' with K and I cried in between eating my weetabix and feeding Lewis. I wanted to have a little bit of say about the food because I invited 3 Filipinos but it was blatanly rejected. I cried my heart out because I just had enough of it and I threatened him that No, I'm not gonna attend the christening tomorrow!
How many Filipinos did you invite?
How many have families?
You invited 8 people then.
Why are you sarcastic?
I'm not. I just want to make sure your invited guests don't invite others like Filipinos do.
(Cry, *$£&%"%* cry)
Sorry, I'm only joking.
P* off!
Afterwards, K announced that since I am the mother of the baby who's going to be christened, I should be bestowed with greatest respect and honour by granting my wish. Also, by way of explaining why he refused my suggestion to the menu, he said We're going to have dinner, not tea.
I suggested coleslaw, you see.


Analyse said...

uy, happy christening to lewis ;)

soy said...

thanks Ana:)

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