Friday, 7 September 2007

First day

First day, originally uploaded by Soyy.

Today, Zak started reception class. For the first time, he would be eating his dinner at school, away from the family's supervision. Who wouldn't be anxious?

As he finally put on his shoes, tears welled up in my eyes. It just hit me then that my baby is finally going into the big world! He reassured me, bless him, that it was ok to cry, like mothers do cry in school anyway and I shouldn't be embarassed about it. I looked at K and wondered where the years have gone. One day, Zak was this chubby little baby who was so calm like his dad, easy to please, who whimpers instead of cries, and now he is a straggly confident boy, arrogant at times, but good natured and relaxed.

He was very enthusiastic about this whole thing. The family were more nervous than him. He just ignored all the fuss and the endless instructions. 'Don't forget to put on suncream before playtime.' 'Don't forget to keep drinking water.' 'Don't forget to put on your playshoes and remember to put back your school shoes in your bag.' 'Please be nice to your new friends.' 'Put on your hat when you go to the play area.' 'Don't forget your pullover.' 'Ask your teachers if you have problems.' 'My calling card is in your bag in case you need to call me.' etc, etc, etc.

One final group kiss and we gingerly and half-heartedly let him go to join his class. We waved at him, with a pretend-happy face, but deep inside, it felt like we were losing him, like we gave him to the world, feeling helpless that this little chap is now out there ready to face this hugely unknown world. He waved us off happily and turned to face his teacher who was already talking to them.

As I settled Lewis in his buggy, K suggested to go back again and look at Zak through the window. While mum & dad took Lewis outside, we peered at the window, smiling but crying inside, happy and sad, proud and reassured, that as he sat in the very centre of the class, he exuded confidence and happiness to be out there, creating his own little world. Just one more proof that we shouldn't really worry as he can take care of himself. He's a big boy after all.


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