Monday, 1 October 2007

My 'Michael Palin' birthdays

My 'Michael Palin' birthdays, originally uploaded by Soyy.

For my birthday this year, I got this book from my husband: the latest book of Michael Palin about his travels around Eastern Europe (now on series at BBC 1 every Sunday at 9.00 pm).

Zak decorated the chocolate birthday cake with alphabet-candles: HAPPY BIDYTHRA. Close enough to be understood.My mother-in-law then gave me a card AND a pair of sexy black knickers. Why, oh why, on earth?

For my birthday last year, she handed me the heaviest book of Michael Palin (note to self: write a letter to Mr Palin re collection of his books)- his diaries- plus a fashion tome of Trinny & Susannah (What Not to Wear) and a big chocolate cake littered with white candles.

I just realised that the cake I got for my birthday yesterday was exactly the same kind as last year's!

Then my mother-in-law mentioned that another present is coming along and she doesn't know when it would be ready. I told her I hoped it wouldn't be a house. Houses are not birthday presents; they're for weddings. La-la. I know though what it is. K, my dear husband and her loyal son told me that it's a year's subscription of National Geographic magazine.



denden said...

happy belated birthday soy!

soy said...

thanks denden;)

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