Monday, 9 June 2008

You don't have to be a surgeon to see a naked man other than your partner

Last Friday, I went with a friend to the theatre to watch The Full Monty. K tucked the boys in bed and my father-in-law handed me two free tickets so I could enjoy watching six pairs of ass.

The show kicked off with a Chippendale kind of striptease. I looked around me and I could see mouths dropping onto the floor. There was a load of grannies dressed to the nines, pearls dripping through their necks and arms. There were men too, and until now, I still can't imagine if they've ever been comfortable there. Mind you, my father-in-law went to watch it with my mum-in-law a few days early, so one never really knows what goes on in their heads when they see another bloke stripping before them.

Anyway, I never laughed nor screamed as much as when I was there. My cheeks were hurting from being stretched too much. And I was shocked as well. I didn't expect to see a fat man's arse draped only with a thong. And oh, when he walked away from the stage, with his back on us, I feared that the thong would snap as the weighty cheeks of his bum struggled to move up and down. My, I would be willing to pay more just to get the chance of watching it up close. It was like watching two pieces of thick pizza base flapping together. When I got home, it was the only scene I kept on talking about with my husband. Forget the husky Chippendale stripteaser. This man's ass was real. Human, as they say.

And before you ask the question, yes, they did the full monty. Six naked men in all their sizes and glory.


caryn said...

wahahaha! that is sooo cool! i never knew they did a live show. all i saw was the movie. heehee.

Soy said...

Caryn, it was my best night out ever! :)

Shiela said...

Soy parang gusto ko din yata yang panoorin...enjoy siguro no :) I can imagine...hmmmm.

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