Monday, 14 July 2008

Fold a T-shirt in 2 seconds!

If you're like me who is always buried in heaps of clothes that need ironing or folding, then you should try this amazing tip of folding a tshirt in 2 seconds. I tried this and it really works. It saves a lot of time, especially if you're like me who have men in the house who don't even know how to plug the electric iron on.



Francesca said...

BRAVO! ganda!

but my work is per hour, sa bilis gawin ng mga tshirst ng bossings ko,ng paganyan, di ako kikita ng malaki nyan, haha.

pero i try ko, para me time to tsika ako ke Butler...

caryn said...

migawd! this has to be the coolest thing ever! in tokyo they heep selling t-shirt-folding contraptions (in 2 sizes ha!) but this beats it by a mile!

thanks for the get-well greetings soy! HUG!

Soy said...

Francesca & Caryn, this is the only skill I could show off you know. Now, my mother-in-law thinks I'm so clever!!!

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