Friday, 22 August 2008

Action word

The previous Scotland theme for my layout did not seem to carry out well. Two reasons: I found out that hyperlinked words appear the same way as the unlinked. I can't be bothered to tweak it any further. And also, I live in England, so why should I have Scottish theme? Stupid me!

Anyway. That's enough tweaking for now until the end of this century. My eyes have gone square staring at my screen and my forehead is too creased now I would have to start tweezing out the xhtml embedded in between the folds.


I sat down with my 5-year-old while I taught him all about VERBS. Well, at least a bit of it. My 2-year-old sat with us as well, trying to copy what we're saying. EAT. DRINK. COOK. MIX. My husband sat down as well, pretending to be the teaching assistant, but actually trying to learn really. Like most English people, he doesn't know his parts of speech, and even if he's attacked by Martians, he wouldn't know whether they're nouns, prepositions, or tiny creatures that gave birth to dinosaurs.

So I wrote down on an old unused diary the word SWIM.

'Now, this word darling, is called a verb.'

'It's not. It's S-W-I-M. Swim!'

'Yes. You read it SWIM but this type of word is a verb because it does something. It's a doing word... So what does this word do?'

'Nothing. You wrote it down. It's just there!'

So my friends, like the word 'swim', this layout is staying as it is, for now, unless something happens beyond my control. Like if I press the word DELETE by mistake. Now, that by the way, is another verb.


betchai said...

oh how cute, i am sure you enjoy teaching. if it were me, i probably would jump from joy knowing how witty my son is but just hiding it inside, then outside i'll pretend tough that the lesson is far from over and continue to press on what verb is :) Soy, native English and Americans probably are alike in the sense that they're not very particular with their grammar. but if you ask me, grammar is my weakest subject too :)

your post reminds me of my nephew. when they are very young, for their reading practice, i asked them to read a chapter in the bible, and then, share their reflection from what they read to check their comprehension. my nephew will look at the page quick, then, will be himself jumping around already, so, i would ask him, "you're not done reading yet, jan" and he would reply, " i already have a reflection. i do not have to read the entire chapter to be touched, the first verse already brought me so much reflection." :) kids, they are wise and a lot of the times will outwit us.

Soy said...

At least he knows what 'reflection' means! Hehehe. There's always plenty of hilarity with kids, isn't there?

Francesca said...

pakitiris nga po ang cheeky na yan, haha.
Pero cute and clever, walang laban ang nanay...
gaya ni monoganous.HIHIHI

celia kusinera said...

Hahaha! Your son is sooo cute. Yeah at that age they're cheeky and smart alecks. :)

Soy said...

Hi Celia, you're sooo right! It's fun though! :)

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

oh i love this better than the other one, so let it "swim" err let it stay.

di naman ako english, pero di ko matandaan yang mga nouns, verbs, prepositions, lol buti nalang may refresher course ako pag tinuturuan ko mga bata

caryn said...

soy! its so hard to tech kids ... you don't know whether to laugh or cry or bang your head on the wall ;-)

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