Sunday, 28 September 2008

See me smile

I just had my final exam. I've never felt so awfully free than today where I just stayed in bed until 3pm, only getting out to get something to eat. I'm so giddy from immeasurable relief that I didn't mind turning the webcam on beaming to my relatives in Norway and the Philippines our bedroom that was purely a disaster zone.

I watched tv in bed and didn't mind that the boys had turned their bedroom upside-down, inside-out. I didn't mind that my duvet would disappear and reappear in my bed. Or that empty milk cups piled up in my bedside table. I didn't mind stepping on lego pieces while trodding to the bathroom, or seeing my boys standing in front of me, sweet as angels, with their hands behind them, smiling so serenely, while their faces were covered in chocolate. Feigning ignorance, I asked them what they've been up to in the other bedroom and they replied rather defensively that they were just 'playing together nicely'. I smiled in approval, and confiscated secretly the stash of individually wrapped toblerones that was supposed to be their father's present to me for the hard effort I put into my exams. They ate my chocolates! but I didn't tell them off because I am carefree today. I am relaxed and excited that I could finally read fiction again...

Until next year when I start another round of reading cases and statutes.


Ruthi said...

Oh congratulations. You are back in school again? I can't wait to go back to school again. After almost 2 years of being out-of-school-teacher [hahahaha] i miss school so much. but this time i want to be a student again. i'm planning to take a short adult education course this october.

i know exactly how you feel when you accomplish something for yourself. you don't care at all about anything. and that is normal. take care my friend.

caryn said...

congrats soy! thats a lovely feeling! savor it and enjoy!!! ;-)

betchai said...

Hi Soy, congratulations!! Nice to be carefree and relax, even just temporarily. Like what you said, until next year. Do we see you soon handling real cases in court?

Betty said...

That's just a great feeling. I know you are excited about finishing your exams. Congrats and enjoy your well deserved rest!

veta said...

Congrats ma'am ;-)

Joy said...

Congratulations! You're a very smart cookie :D

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HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

that's how my daughter feels every after exams. I wish I can do that too, exams or no exams

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