Tuesday, 7 October 2008

If you like to expose your 5-year-old to photography, give him more than a 5megapixel

K is invited by a photographic society to do a big lecture in a few days. He organised hundreds of photographs and since he only has two hours to talk, he tried to time his projection show by practising in front of us in our bedroom.

After discussing landscape photography and droning on about medium format cameras, 6x7s, 6x6s, macros, digital, etc, the boys started to fidget. Ten minutes into the 'lecture', my 5-year-old Zak started 'interacting' with K.

K: 'This is the original shot... as you can see in the conversion...'
Zak: 'Rubbish!'

K: 'By changing the depth of field and by adjusting the angle...'
Zak: 'Borrrringgg!'

K: 'This example of documentary photography shows not only the 'feel' of the scene...'
Zak: 'Pure rubbish!'

Patiently, K kept on while I listened attentively. He didn't succumb to Zak's rude distractions because he was concentrating on the timing of each slide. At the end of each segment, he would pretend to ask us if we have questions. Expectedly, Zak would raise his hand, not to ask, mind, but to comment. 'Daddy, I have something very, very important to tell you.' K, aware that it's another senseless ruse, said, 'Tell me later, ok?'

And then K kept on showing us all the photos and after an excruciating 90 minutes, he said to us, 'That was it. Hmmm. One hour and a half! I'll show you the travel ones...'

But Zak had had enough. He moaned and muttered under his breath, 'stupid photography!'


Analyse said...

lesson learned. never invite 5yos, lol.

caryn said...

hahaha! i guess its really hard for kids to sit through something like that ;-)

betchai said...

yeah, for 5-yr old, give him a camera instead, not the expensive one probably your hubby has :)

i guess, any lecture would be unbearable for a child :)

though i would love to hear a talk like that, for i have zero knowledge in photography, all i know, is to shoot!! up to now, i am still experimenting on aperture and shutter speed, i still have to do a lot of trials before getting the correct one, impatient as I am, i often resort to automatic settings of the camera :(

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

so is that what he was trying to tell all along? "stupid photography"?

Joy said...

Zak definitely knows his mind. Surely K's photos weren't bad at all! :D

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ruthi said...

hahahaha. there you go... come to think of it Soy... there will be instances where there would be some rude people in the audience who would feel the way Zak felt. But since Zak is a kid he would speak his mind but maybe... because he knows it was daddy who were talking in the front... he knows that he can get away with it with no problem. He is cute.

BTW... I will add your blog in my Ruthilicious link.hope you dont mind. and thanks for visiting Gregoire Construction.. I have a response to your comment there.

Ruthi said...

And before I forgot... I gave your blog the COOLEST BLOG Award... if you are interested you can get your trophy in my Carpenter's WIFE's tool box [CLICK HERE to read the post] and you can display it here if you want to... no obligation.

Betty said...

Kids certainly let us know what they really think. Thanks for a cute story. My four year old grandson announced to his class that he wants to be a squid and live in a mobile home. I laugh every time I think about it.:)

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