Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Photos of fun time in snow

Most schools were closed today due to icy roads. And so fun for the kids began!

This time, I had to learn to let go of my 2-year-old Lewbee... on a sledge.

So bravely on his own...

And they both did it together, too.



Fun time is tiring, too. So they had to be pulled back home.

Here's Zak sharing with the heavy load!


Joy said...

I thought about you when it snowed! I wished you'd get enough snow so the kids could have fun :D

Francesca said...


tapos ba nyan, tea time na?
buti the spirit of the fun keeps them warm.

betchai said...

oh, love the pictures. wow, Lewis was on his own sledding, and it looks a pretty decent slope for him, congratulations to him, am sure he and Zak had a great fun!! I just look at all their smiles and happy faces in the pictures and I know what fun they had.

caryn said...

heehee. we did that when we went skiing last year. it was really fun. the hard part was getting it to stop ;-)

caryn said...

love love sleds! hahaha! we "borrowed" a couple from some kids when we last went skiing. mas nag-enjoy pa kami sa sleds kesa sa skis. hahaha!

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