Saturday, 1 May 2010

parenting joy

My 4-year-old told me earlier that he didn't want me to sit next to him. He said, 'you stink mummy. Please don't sit next to me'.

I was a bit insulted and wondered why he would say that. I certainly knew that I didn't smell! The cheek!

And then it turned out that he just didn't want me next to him because I kept on telling him off for sticking his fingers up his nose.

But his way of pushing me away is a bit undiplomatic, I must say.


Al de Cruz said...

haha I had been experiencing that.

My youngest 2-year-old girl but thanks she got rid of it already.

Soy said...

@ Al, it's always a relief when they learn and pick up things quickly. :)

baresyytapas said...

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Maureen Ann said...

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