Tuesday, 12 July 2005


It's very hot; pretty unsettling this time, especially in the night. But who am I to complain? Only the British do. (Is this a fact or a usual occurence?)
I'm used to the heat where I sweat because of the humidity but not when it's stiffling and it's like fire is engulfing my chest and there's no way out. Anyway, I think it's always like that when hormones go haywire and just everybody and everything seem annoying.
Because I am Pinoy, sometimes I expect my family here to react the way pinoys do. And that's when it becomes annoying. Our pregnancy news didn't get a positive welcome. "Is it true? That's great." And that was it. End of news. No discussion whatsoever. No jubilation that Zak is going to have a baby sister/brother. When I asked if they were happy about it because K and I are, I was told that they were terrified. 'Oh my God, what will happen now? How about your job?' It's revolting actually, to encounter this type of attitude, as if having a baby is the end of a career and a waste of money.
This I can't understand. They love Zak so much and spoil him to bits and I can't see any reason why they can't welcome another grandchild.


Astrantia said...

Bah ingrained attitude. They react that way because it's how they have been conditioned too. I'm sure deep at heart they are happy.. but regardless I'm happy for you!


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