Thursday, 22 December 2005


When I call friends and family for festive greetings only to realise that they change their phone numbers as often as they change knickers;

To wrap christmas presents only to find out that there's only masking tape available;

To find out that the boxes set aside for christmas presents have been thrown away in the bin by no other than my irritating spouse who thinks all the men in the neighbourhood are dangling themselves in their windows just because I'm romping around the house in semi-nakedness because the bloody heating is full-on;

To find out that there's loads of maternity clothes on sale after I have spent all the money buying some other unnecessary items: think of time wasted! grrrr.

Also: Can't I even call somebody overseas without being pleaded for pinaskohan? I bloody well give one without waiting to be asked if only I could just push them through my phone or if only I had all the time in the world to shop for everybody or the money to send to every bank in the philippines. I've also got family here you know, and a child to spoil, and another one coming in a few weeks, and a husband who warns that I can't buy him boxers from Tesco because they're no good.


denden said...

hahaha. the last line made me laugh. :-)

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