Monday, 19 December 2005


► K edited the film that the students he trained made. He was informed this morning that the film is nominated for 'best in comedy' and the awarding would be in Leceister Square. Huh! Absolutely fantastic!

► Zak is due to have his 3rd year assessment with the doctor. Time flies very quick indeed.

► We will be celebrating Christmas at K's parents'home and New Year at our house.

► I might start my maternity leave first week of February.

► K will be moving his 'home office' to his parents' spare room to protect his equipment from Zak's ruthless curiousity. Until now we're still speculating on the amount of paper used in photocopying his tiny hands or how many of K's possible film/photographic commissions have been turned down/cancelled because Zak would rather illustrate to the callers the bear necessities of life or how Baloo the Bear and Bageera the Panther came to love Mowgli instead of telling them that daddy is actually waiting for their call and is already hyperventilating because he couldn't extract the phone from Zak's grip.

► I am typing this while working on K's online tax assessment, hence I'll stop for now as I've been staring at the monitor for over 3 hours and I can't think anymore.


Analyse said...

Merry Xmas Soy!

racky said...

Maligayang Pasko!

nakadalaw din ako dito. pasensiya na.

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