Thursday, 15 December 2005

Only in the Philippines

Philippine politics is as ever fascinating, not only because of how politicians conduct their political affairs but how they conduct their 'very public' personal affairs. Sometimes though, it becomes disgusting.

Just two examples that occured recently:

1. The wedding of a congressman in Bukidnon. (Full news story here)

Tribal wedding. 25,000 guests. Four-hour ritual. Fireworks after.
I'm just wondering... were the guests fed after? If so, how and how much did it probably cost? I know it's none of my business. They could be from an immensely rich family, BUT, he's a public servant isn't he? Were he a footballer earning £60,000 Pounds a week, then no question needs to be ever raised. I mean, European royalty don't even do such extravagance, do they? What sort of a public servant flaunts his riches to his poor constituents? I'm only wondering...

2. Pasig City Hall patterned after the White House.(Full news story here)

All details of the White House design is copied, apparently. Cost of renovation: 480 million Pesos. I don't know about you but praise be, praise be! Please stop me from laughing! This is soooo entertaining!


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