Saturday, 4 February 2006

What's blogging got to do with hormonal imbalance

I’ve been trying to write for over half an hour but nothing happened. So, for inspiration, I looked at:

▪my ripped-off night-dress (not that it’s been ripped off by someone although the idea sounds foxy);
▪the “scabs” in my belly which are actually stretch marks but it’s just difficult to point that out to Zak;
▪the face of Maggot at the guest gallery of BBC radio 1;
▪my soggy weetabix;
▪the week by week guide to pregnancy (this makes me feel sick now); and
▪the state of Zak’s bedroom.

Still my mind and fingers didn’t work. Could it be that I read too much of Chantelle while having my precious bath time? So I listened at:

▪Chris Moyle’s show online (I turned it off after 2 minutes);
▪Karl shouting from the kitchen asking me to throw his Canon EOS down the stairs (I wish I did);
▪the irritating humming of the external drive;
▪the subdued conversation between father and son in the kitchen—ah the wonder of fried eggs with ketchup! (I mean, ewww!).

Still, nothing…

So I thought, why not close the blog and write my £1.50 for Euromillion tonight instead of forcing my brain to work when it obviously can’t?

But then again, there’s only 1 in 70 million chance of winning. I better try to write again and keep my £1.50 somewhere safe. We never know when it’s needed by the milkman.


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