Saturday, 8 April 2006

My boys

I'm outnumbered.

Two days ago, we went out because the sun was out, the sky was blue and it looked pleasant enough to spread a picnic mat on the grass. It was a bit windy and being warned by my mother-in-law that it was cold, I put on baby Lewis his snow suit. While we were in the car, we realised that Lewis could get too hot. Being undecided where to go, I started to fidget and complain to K that Lewis had the snow suit on, he could get too hot because I couldn't let him turn the airconditioning on as I didn't like it, etc etc. Annoyed, K exclaimed that I shouldn't have put it on Lewis. Desperate to defend myself, I raised my voice saying that he advised it in the first place.

Zak, who sat quietly behind K said, "Mummy, don't talk to Daddy like that!"

I could only see K's mischievous grin.


Lynneth said...

This is funny, I could totally relate to this, only my son can't speak as much and as well yet. But I could tell when he tries to imitate our argument. Thanks by the way for leaving a comment in my blog. Cheers!

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