Tuesday, 29 August 2006


When the English dance, you know they’re drunk.

Yesterday, I took the boys to town to do a bit of shopping. As it was bank holiday, there were multicultural dances. One particular interesting group was the Turkish all-male dancers and musicians. The music was great; very upbeat. I started to jiggle as soon as they started. But when I looked around me, nobody even dared to move an elbow or sway a bit of hip or shoulder! Everybody was as stiff as a lamppost, tight lipped as ever and glum looking like a typical English weather. After about 10 minutes, the band stopped playing and announced that they would love everybody to dance with them. The crowd then dispersed like they were just about to smell and hear a musical fart.

What’s more, Zak declared, Let’s go home mummy. I don’t like it!


Francesca said...

HAHAHA, soy, its true that the english are tooo stiff, do not dance and if they do, parehong kaliwa ang paa, hahaha. Na noticed mo rin pala yon? Dito sa france meron akong couple of friends , english sila, mama mia, kapit sa upuan ang pwet when we went ballroom dancing. Ayaw, talaga! haha! feeling wa class ata sa kanila ang dancing!

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