Thursday, 7 September 2006

Your German is very deep, I cannot swim!

'Why did you have to buy a highchair from Germany when the only German I know is Lidl? Why not from Boots or somewhere in England'? I said to my husband a couple of days ago. He just murmured something about wooden self-assembly and surely there would be an English translation of the instruction that goes with it!

This morning I got this email. I read it to my husband in the best way I could, Filipino way:

Sehr geehrter Kunde,

Ihr Paket mit folgender Paketscheinnummer(n) ist heute versendet worden:(numbers)

Mit dem nachfolgenden Link können Sie Ihr Paket(e) im Internet verfolgen:

Is there somebody out there who could translate this for me? I only understand the word 'Internet', obviously.


AnP said...

Just that they have sent you the package today. And that, if you follow the link, you can track online where your package is.

Lynneth said...

Whoaaa, does it mean you haven't assembled it? Hubby did the same actually. He bought the stroller and the bed from Germany simply because he likes the products and the bed is wooden at pwedeng gamitin until David is 3 years old. And yeah guess what, the stroller won't go through a bus door because it's too big and the bed, well let's just say he assembled it with eyes closed and lots of curses!

Analyse said...

hehe, never bought something without english or french translation yet.. i understand your dilemma.

soy said...

Hi AnP,thanks. The funny thing is that their tracker is still in German so I have no idea when they're going to deliver the item. I guess I just have to stay at home for a couple of days until the German highchair arrives!

Lynneth, I just hope the highchair arrives ok. If there is something wrong with it, I won't know how we can have it replaced ;)

Analyse,well, I think my husband decided to buy it simply because it is wooden AND self-assembly. He thinks he'll just figure out how to do it if there's no English translation. Typical:)

Francesca said...

german products are good quality. They are famous for that. It would be a good buy.

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