Wednesday, 17 January 2007


You know when you think what best things you could give to your children when they grow up? You say you make sure that your child has all the options in life, like which university to go to, what degree, opportunities to travel, etc.
I think along those lines as well, plus more.
I want to make sure that I know what's going on in their lovelife as well, without being too interfering, if I can help it.
Because as I keep on saying, Zak is only 4 years old, ok? But he has this classmate he calls his girlfriend. I don't blame him. The girl is cute, long lovely blond hair, charming. She acted as Mary during their nativity play. (Zak was the sheep.) Then, during lunch today, Zak declared that when he sees her again, he's going to kiss her, give her flowers, and dance with her.
So I said, 'No way! Not her!'
And the reason? Because I met the girl's mother a couple of times. We both helped out during the school christmas party. She came up to me to ask if I'd like a drink, enunciating every word, like I was deaf or behind a glass wall. If I was in a bad mood at that moment, I would have answered her in the same manner, but I let it go and asked for tea please, with milk and one sugar. She came back with the blackest coffee I've ever seen, without sugar.
Then, her daughter and Zak were invited to a birthday party. I stood there, keeping an eye on Zak in the play area and I noticed her and her equally ignoramus friend giggling while looking at me.
Now, that's not the kind of kumare I would like to have.
So I said, if the boys want to marry/live with somebody (boy or girl) who is of different cultural background, I would make sure that that person is educated/open-minded and doesn't have a mother who gives black coffee instead of tea!


Analyse said...

i can feel the anger in each word but i cant help but laugh at the last sentence hehe..

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