Friday, 12 January 2007

When everything else becomes irrelevant

I went to work today with heavy shoulders and a heavy heart. For 4 straight days, baby Lewis just clung on to me, wingy and moody. His seventh tooth is coming out and no amount of calpol could ever sooth him. Also, Zak had his immunization boosters yesterday so he was a bit feverish this morning. Two poorly boys at the right time when their mummy is scheduled to work overtime.
This afternoon, my parents-in-law stayed over to help look after the boys. Without mum and dad, I wouldn't know what to do or how to cope when work is coupled with family illness. When they left, Zak mused: "I love Nana and Grandad. Yeah, I love my family."


Jovs said...

What a sweet child you have there! =) Hello hello... I just happened to hop by from Analyse's blog, enjoyed reading your musings.

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