Sunday, 30 March 2008

A singer and an Indian food

While at work yesterday, a colleague enthused about this artist whose album she bought from the supermarket at a bargain price (£5). I didn't have any clue who this artist was and anyway, my interest in music is like your interest in this piece of blog: you're looking at it but it's barely registering in your head.

So this morning, while we were on our way to this hu-hum place, I had this conversation with K:

Me: ...So she let me watch this youtube video of Celine Dion singing a duet with Rogan Josh. The song was Like a Prayer.

K: Like a Prayer? You mean Madonna?

Me: No. Celine Dion. It was on youtube. You have a CD of this Rogan Josh, don't you?

K: Who?

Me: Rogan Josh. I think he's Italian.

K: Rogan Josh. Italian?! It's Indian Food! ($^((%£)"&") It's Josh Groban, not Rogan Josh!

Yes, I have that CD and it's not Like a Prayer. It's The Prayer!

Shussh! Why do they have to make things complicated for me? Music is complicated enough as it is!


Anonymous said...

highly ammusing. I too get muddled up with Rogan Josh Grobag. hahaha

Islander said...

haha rogan josh. she's like the bulgarian in ken lee by mariah carey. haha!

im a grobanite (josh groban's fan). please let K know that the duet was done with charlotte church. hehe.

Soy said...

i saw that ken lee thing on youtube! that was sooo funny!

Francesca said...

Cant relate but will search that video in youtube.
Should I type: indian song? lol

Soy said...

hehe, ikaw talaga francesca!

if you like that song and that josh groban hunk, just type celine dion josh groban and it will come up. no, don't type rogan josh!

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