Friday, 28 March 2008

7.40pm and the boys have been asleep for half an hour

I went upstairs to check on everybody.

The three were all asleep!

I tried to tickle their noses...oopps, a tiny bit of flaring up in there, a fraction of a movement on one little finger, and a BIG SNEEZE from the big man!

I wiped my face on my sleeve and went downstairs contentedly knowing that in the next two hours nobody would disturb me from websurfing.



kaiyenski said...

i can imagine big smiley face. :)

thanks for that comment 365 days ago. i'll see you around.

Soy said...

No probs. i like your photos a lot.

nugnag said...

I was actually awake when you came in the bedroom. when you went out I took out the secret supply of chocs and we (the boys woke at the smell), ate them all up. Sorry :>

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