Sunday, 23 March 2008

Happy Easter and more

Today, we went to church for Easter mass. It was packed. On our way there, we went around to see the snowy hills. It's so strange to see daffodils being engulfed by snow! It is supposed to be spring time now and yet the whole of Britain, or most of it, is blanketed in white.

Cue the words Global Warming...

And suddenly I'm guilty. I am in part to blame for this seasonal dissarray!

1) This easter break, K and I have been on our computers for maybe three quarters of the time. That's a lot of electricity spent!

2) My electronic answering machine has been plugged on even when we're at home. That's additional electricity wasted.

3) I've had two deep baths in three days. That's a huge amount of soapy water down the drain!

4) The washing machine and bread maker worked daily for the last 3 days, as opposed to the normal every other day.

5) We've thrown away new plastic toys (gifts from friends). They were monstrous and violent. The world has too much violence already and I don't want my boys to start practising violence during their playtime. So that's additional horrid plastic down the landfill.
To appease myself of my guilt for these excesses, I try to think of what we usually do to offset our carbon footprint:
1) At least this easter break, we use the car twice only -- to shop and to go to church today.
2) We continue recycling: separating the plastic milk bottles from cardboard boxes and newspapers. Tins and glass go together in the blue bin while vegetable peelings, egg shells, etc go to our compost. Our rubbish in the bin is so minimal that we don't mind having it picked once in two weeks.
3) We prefer showers than baths. I don't even bath the kids. I give them 'mummy showers' and they love it because it's quick. I use organic soap and shampoo on them so that the water used is not contaminated with harmful chemicals present in ordinary shampoos/soaps. I also use organic washing up liquid.
4) Most of the week, I go on the bus to pick up Zak from school. A bit expensive but saves a lot of petrol.
5) I don't use my mobile phone much, hence I don't need to charge it a lot.
6) We don't use a lot of heating at home. We put on more layers of clothes instead. My parents-in-law and sister-in-law always complain that our house is cold but I don't care. Sometimes, my sister-in-law has to wear her coat while we're in the lounge!
7) Our international holiday is limited to once in probably 4 years. Camping is more fun for the kids than being stuck on the plane with strangers and be in a strange country!
Hopefully, I am doing my bit to help the environment. Scientists' predictions that in 40 years time, London will be underwater is unnerving. I don't want my children to suffer and experience that catastrophe. I have to do my bit now to start saving my family!
How did you do your bit?


The Pidjanga of Mainit, Surigao del Norte said...

Thanks for visiting. Yes, we have 3 boys. Layaki an ikatuyo...

I enjoyed the easter break when I was in the UK. The sun was up and we toured the countryside.

Kun-o kaw uli ngari?

wanderer said...

Impressive acts mam!Count on me. You know what?, everytime I read the latest news about our planet, they scare me!!! I feel like living in a house which is collapsing and no insurance that my child could still enjoy its strength and safety...

Hope many will take environmental issues seriously.

Soy said...

Hi pidjanga, mouli siguro ko diha in 2 to 3 years' time.

Wanderer, i can't wait to read your blogs!

Shiela said...

hi soy. i'm trying my best as well to protect the environment.

asa ka surigao? taga agusan del sur pod baya ko. duol ra ta ba. asa man ka dire sa uk tuod?

Soy said...

Hi shiela, i posted my answer in your blog. thanks for dropping by:)

Francesca said...

i feel, due to sooo much chaos in this world, armagedon is more likely to come than global warming catastrophe.
hopefully deserving mankind will be saved.

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